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Vegetarians and vegans receive $200 discount on rental apartments

By Mason White 5:43 PM October 20, 2015
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By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) Vegans and vegetarians in Washington, are happy to learn that they are able to receive a $200 discount on their rental properties because of their lifestyle choice.

A landlord in Bothell, announced that he is devoting his rental properties to environmental activism.

He is offering a discount based solely on what his tenants eat.

Jinesh Varia is offering to rent out a luxury townhouse with three bedrooms and a great backyard. The house has spacious rooms, a hot tub, a modern kitchen, a fireplace and is located near parks.

Jinesh Varia and his wife advertised the property for rent, and are seeking tenants who are vegetarians.

Varia said that a lot of members of his family are vegetarian and he wants to encourage his tenants to join his lifestyle choice.

Varia promised that he won’t spy on his tenants to check if they are really staying away from animal products. The $200 discount amounts to about 20 percent off the market price of a three bedroom apartment.