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Woman of Taiwan deported from the United states without her baby after giving birth on airplane

By Mason White 9:14 AM October 20, 2015
Newborn baby illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A woman from Taiwan, was denied entry into the United States, after having her baby in an airplane.

Officials in Taiwan, have confirmed that the woman who delivered her baby at 30,000 feet on a China Airlines flight from Taipei to Los Angeles, California, was denied entry to the United States.

The woman hid the fact that she was 36 weeks pregnant, a flight attendant with China Airlines said.

In a message on her Facebook page, Lucienne Chen said that the woman in question did not inform the airline when buying the ticket or during check-in at the airport that she was pregnant.

Under aviation regulations of Taiwan, pregnant women are not allowed to fly without a fit for travel certificate from a doctor after 32 weeks.

Before takeoff, the flight attendants had realized that she was pregnant. Chen wrote. When questioned, the mother to be said that she was “just a little bloated.”

When the woman’s water broke mid air, she was advised by the flight attendants to lie down and prepare for childbirth.

The woman however, insisted that she had time until she delivers the baby and she asked: “Are we in the airspace of the United States yet?” According to Chen.

After the successful delivery of the child, the plane was diverted to Anchorage, Alaska, so that the mother and her baby daughter could receive immediate medical attention.

Chen vented her frustration over the situation, saying: “Not only did the mother not take the lives of herself and her baby seriously, she also inconvenienced a plane full of people, all because she wanted her child to have a U.S. passport.”

The mother was refused entry into the United States, and she was deported to Taiwan, despite not having violated the conditions of her visa, Taiwan’s Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) officials said.

The baby was taken into custody in Anchorage, before being handed over to a family friend who lives in the United States.

The CAA confirmed that the baby was given U.S. citizenship as it was born in its jurisdiction.

In the video below, the mother is seen arriving in Taiwan, after she was deported. She covered her face as reporters were attempting to get her side of the story.