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Plane passenger strips naked and asks flight attendant for sex

By Mason White 5:22 PM October 21, 2015
Airplane passengers illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A man of Ireland, was detained after stripping naked on a flight and demanding to have sex with a flight attendant.

The Sun Express flight from Dublin, Ireland, to Izmir, Turkey, was forced to make an emergency landing in Belgrade, Serbia, after the after the drunk man jumped around naked and waved his private parts.

The man was on the plane with a group of friends, who encouraged his behavior.

According to the police investigation, moments after the plane took off from the airport in Dublin, the man stripped naked before demanding to have sex with one of the flight attendants.

Despite attempts to calm the man, he was aggressive, jumped on seats and asked for sex. The plane made an emergency landing in Belgrade, where police removed the passenger.

Passengers on the plane told investigators that the man’s friends were behaving very aggressively and other passengers were terrified to look at them.

They were all drunk and it seemed that they did not even know where they are. A spokesperson for the police said that the suspect was visibly intoxicated, aggressive and very rude.

He insulted the crew and resisted security guards. He even tried to physically attack police officers. A female friend of the suspect, who was drunk, offered to have sex with police officers in exchange for letting him go.

She was also arrested at the scene.