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Fired employee files lawsuit against Wawa after being told to speak English

By Mason White 3:04 AM October 22, 2015
Wawa store location illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A former employee of Wawa, filed a lawsuit against his former employer after being discriminated in the workplace and told to speak English, according to court documents in New Jersey.

According to the lawsuit, Safet Hajra of Pemberton Township, was fired from his job and arrested after being falsely accused of theft following an altercation about speaking English.

Hajra was told repeatedly that he must speak English by a store manager of the Wawa located on Arneys Mount Road. Hajra reported the incident to the general store manager, who accused him of theft.

The general manager called the police, and Hajra was arrested and fired. Hajra also complained that he was given used uniforms to wear.

He also claims that he was paid less than other workers. Hajra said that he speaks English well enough to be understood, and nobody ever complained about him.

Hajra pleaded guilty to a lesser charge in a plea bargain agreement with prosecutors.

Hajra has suffered and continues to suffer on a personal level and at work because of the false accusations, according to the lawsuit.

Hajra was subjected to discrimination based on his nationality and religion.

He is seeking an injunction barring Wawa from similar conduct, damages for emotional distress, lost wages, punitive damages, attorney fees and related costs.