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Man’s arm gets stuck in filthy toilet while trying to pull out new cellphone

By Mason White 10:24 AM October 21, 2015
Man holding new cellphone illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man called firefighters to help get his arm out of a filthy toilet, firefighters in China said.

The man of Haining, got his arm stuck in the filthy toilet while trying to retrieve his cellphone, which fell into the bowl while pulling up his pants.

Desperate to retrieve his phone, he pushed his entire arm into the filthy black pipe as his face came within inches of touching the human waste.

Unfortunately, he was not able to reach his phone. While trying to pull out his arm, he realized that it was stuck in the hole. The man yelled until someone came to help him.

After the two failed to get the arm released, they decided to call the fire department for help. Firefighters had to break the ceramic toilet bowl to release the man’s arm.

They worked for more than an hour. The man was left without his phone and with a red and swollen arm.