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Married prison guard harasses good-looking women on Facebook after they visited their men in prison

By Mason White 3:05 PM October 21, 2015
Cameron MacKie with wife (right) 

By: Chan Yuan
A prison guard was fired for harassing good-looking women after they visited their male partners in prison.

Police learned that prison officer Cameron MacKie of Scotland, was abusing his position to contact women after learning that their partners were in prison.

Cameron is accused of collecting the personal contact information of pretty blonde women through his work in visitors reception at the HMP Grampian prison.

The newlywed man, whose wife is pregnant, then contacted the women through Facebook and text messages.

Mackie was suspended after a 21-year-old woman who had been visiting her partner Liam Donald, 22, in prison, filed a complaint with officials and she handed over
the messages and photos that Cameron sent to her.

He allegedly asked the woman not to mention the texts to Liam. However, the woman did tell her man and they decided to save the messages as evidence to support her claim.

During an investigation, police uncovered that there are more female victims.

However, Mackie denied any wrongdoing. He claimed that he attempted to contact someone on Facebook, and accidentally sent the messages to the victim.

However, prison officials did not find his reasoning acceptable and he was fired.