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Young couple looks like Barbie and Ken after spending $300,000 on surgeries

By Mason White 5:28 PM October 21, 2015
Anastasia Reskoss and Quentin Dehar 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A young couple of France, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on plastic surgeries in order to look like their favorite dolls.

20-year-old Anastasia Reskoss and 23-year-old Quentin Dehar, both of Marseille, are obsessed with Barbie and Ken dolls and have spent $310,000 on plastic surgeries in an attempt to look just like them.

The two have undergone more than 15 procedures. The majority of the money came from their parents, Reskoss and Dehar admitted.

They plan to have more surgeries in order to complete their transformation. Reskoss and Dehar revealed that they legally changed their names to Ken and Doll.

Reskoss loves plastic surgery and she plans to spend the rest of her life morphing into dolls she loves. Dehar loves being Ken, and being a human doll brings him closer to his lover Reskoss.

Growing up, Reskoss and Dehar were obsessed with Barbie and Ken dolls. Reskoss said that her parents bought her all the Barbie dolls she wanted, and at one point, she owned over 100 of them.

The two found each other on a boat, and they spent the entire time talking about how much they love Barbie and Ken. The two have their teeth whitened every six months.

Reskoss had two breast implant procedures, a nose job, cheek fillers, Botox, lip fillers, various beauty treatments and teeth whitening.

Dehar had two nose job, Botox, lip fillers, cheek fillers, eye bag removal, ear pinning, teeth whitening and various beauty treatments.