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4 cars crash as girl freaks out by spider crawling on her lap

By Mason White 10:21 AM October 22, 2015
Spider illustration 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) Four cars were damaged and eleven people were injured after a girl freaked out because she saw a spider crawling on her lap, police in Kansas said.

The Kansas Highway Patrol said that 17-year-old Diana Nicole Bell, was driving on the U.S. 56 on Sunday afternoon, when she noticed the spider on her lap.

As the girl tried to get the spider off her lap, her car swerved into the opposite lane and hit a vehicle head on. The second vehicle then bounced and hit a third.

Debris from the second collision then hit another vehicle and caused it to crash. In total, four vehicles were damaged and eleven people were injured as a result of the crashes in Great Bend.

All victims were taken to the Great Bend Regional Hospital.

The victims were identified as Felix Perez, 62, Charleeann Dailing, 33, Dean C. Bell, 53, Patricia Roldan-Perez, 56, David Perez, 15, Edith Rivera-Perez, 3, Jerod William Dailing, 36, Ethan Witthuhn, 9, Julieann Dailing, 3, Tahjay Harrison, 5, and Amy Cole, 7.

Everyone was wearing their seat belts.