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Young man shows up at wedding without invitation before biting police officer and dog

By Mason White 10:22 AM October 22, 2015
Police dog illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A young man was detained on a charge of assaulting a police officer for showing up at a wedding without an invitation, and biting a police officer and his dog, police in California said.

Santa Barbara police said that they have detained 22-year-old Jorge Rodriguez, after being accused of crashing a wedding at the Santa Barbara Carriage Museum on Saturday night.

The wedding gets expelled the man after they believed he was under the influence of drugs. Police officers who arrived at the scene, confronted the suspect who resisted arrest.

Rodriguez punched one officer in the face and bit his shoulder.

A police dog was sent to detain the suspect, but he managed to bite it as well. The dog became confused and bit another police officer.

After Rodriguez was finally handcuffed, he assaulted a third police officer. The suspect and the police officers were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Rodriguez will be charged with resisting arrest resulting in injury and battery on a police dog.