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Subway to measure its sandwiches after being accused of cheating on footlongs

By Mason White 6:02 PM October 22, 2015
Sandwich illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) Several years after being slapped with a lawsuit, Subway announced that they will measure its sandwiched to make sure they are 6 inches long and 12 inches long.

The trouble for the restaurant, began when Matt Corby of Australia, published a photo of a Subway sandwich on Facebook, next to a ruler, showing that the sandwich was just 11 inches long instead of 12.

The photo went viral and eventually led to a class action lawsuit. As part of the settlement, Subway will make sure that all sandwiches meet or exceed the advertised length.

Subway will also inspect restraints to ensure compliance. They will also punish restaurants that are caught violating the new measurement rules.

Next year, members if the class action lawsuit could receive up to $1,000 each as part of the settlement.