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Teen joins armed robbery gang to have enough cash to throw one of a kind birthday party for girlfriend

By Mason White 5:58 PM October 22, 2015
Birthday girl and cake illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A teen was arrested on a charge of robbery after allegedly joining a gang of armed robbers in order to have enough money to throw a large birthday party for his girlfriend, police in Nigeria said.

Kogi State police said that they have arrested Yakubu Usman, after being caught stealing from numerous people on the street.

Police said that during questioning, Usman allegedly confessed to robbing people, saying that his girlfriend pushed him into a life of crime by threatening to dump him if he does not throw her a nice birthday party.

Usman said that his girlfriend Salamatu, is marking her birthday later this month. He wanted to use part of the proceeds of his crimes to throw her a one of a kind party in order to impress her.

Usman grew up in a poor household, but thought that he would be able to play rich with the proceeds of his crimes. He was charged with one count of armed robbery.