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Woman bites off tongue of teenager who broke into her home and forcefully kissed her

By Mason White 4:30 PM October 22, 2015
Antoine Miller 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A woman called police after a teenager attempted to sexually assault her and forcibly kissed her.

Police said that a woman of North Charleston, South Carolina, awoke to someone knocking at her door around 6:30 a.m.

When she went to check, she did not see anyone, so she went back to bed. However, when the knocking continued, the 33-year-old woman opened the door and found a teenager, who was later identified as 16-year-old Antoine Miller, standing next to her house with a knife.

Before she could escape, Miller forced himself into her home by pushing her to the ground and hitting her several times.

The teenager asked where her room was and proceeded to carry her there. The woman kicked Miller in the groin as he tried to take his shorts off.

That’s when the teenager forced his tongue in her mouth.
The victim said that she “bit as hard as he could until she heard the tongue snap,” according to the report.

The victim threw the tongue on the floor and fled her home. She went to a nearby business to get a phone to call the police.

The man was still at the home when she fled. The suspect was arrested after his mother called police.

They went to the woman’s home to retrieve Miller’s tongue and put it on ice. Police also recovered the knife in the victim’s yard.

Miller was arrested and he is being charged as an adult. He faces charges including criminal sexual conduct, assault, burglary, possession of a weapon during a violent crime, and kidnapping, according to the North Charleston Police Department.

Miller is being held without bail.