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13-year-old girl punishes rapist by beheading his 5-year-old son

By Mason White 12:44 PM October 25, 2015
Girl in handcuffs illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
Police in India, were called after finding a headless and burned body.

Police confirmed that the body belonged to a 5-year-old boy who has been missing for a few days in Uttar Pradesh.

They arrested a 13-year-old girl for beheading the boy and burning his body. The girl of Khair, told police that she killed the boy, who was identified as Amit, to take revenge against his father who raped her.

According to police, the man, who was identified as Rinku, lured the 13-year-old girl to his home by supplying her with drugs. He then raped her.

As revenge for the rape, the teenager killed his young son. She lured the boy away from his home while he was playing outside in the evening. She then killed the boy by beheading him. She burned his body, stuffed it in a black bag and buried it under bricks.

The boy’s father was arrested and charged with rape for allegedly sexually assaulting the girl.

The gruesome murder was uncovered when a dog was seen dragging the burned body. The 13-year-old girl was charged with murder and she was sent to the Ghaziabad Juvenile Home.

The 5-year-old boy’s family asked police to drop the rape charge because the girl is unreliable as she is a drug addict. Officials said that they are still investigating the incident.

Police confirmed that the 13-year-old girl is addicted to drugs and has often gotten into confrontations with people over minor issues.

Her mother is not well and is unable to care for the girl properly. Her father works, but he is poor.