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Applebee’s fails to pay employee suffering from autism after working for entire year

By Mason White 3:23 AM October 26, 2015
Bob and Caleb Dyl 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) People are angry after learning that an Applebee’s in Rhode Island, failed to pay an employee who suffers from a disability, for an entire year.

21-year-old Caleb Dyl of Middletown, found work at the restaurant through Resources for Human Development, which is an organization that aims to help the disabled find employment.

Dyl, who has autism, worked 12 hours a week. His father Bob Dyl, said that his son is able to follow instructions diligently.

Caleb’s parents said they filled out the required employment forms to ensure that Dyl gets paid. However, he was never compensated by the restaurant.

Applebee’s did nothing until Bob Dyl publicized his story.

An Applebee’s spokesperson said that the company apologized to the family, and so far, Caleb Dyl was paid for seven weeks of work at the restaurant.

According to the spokesperson, Caleb Dyl’s records were not properly maintained and his documentation was not entered into the system.

Bob Dyl said that he is satisfied with the way Applebee’s has handled the issue. He even said that his son might work again at the restaurant.