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Police officer commits suicide after his wife falls in love with his best friend who is also his coworker

By Mason White 11:16 AM October 25, 2015
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By: Feng Qian
A man killed himself after learning that his wife replaced him with his best friend.

The police officer who worked for the Border Control Unit in Beitbridge, Zimbabwe, hanged himself after his wife fell in love with his coworker.

32-year-old Donald Fambawapota had separated from his wife about eight months ago, and they lived separately while sharing custody of their child.

In recent weeks, Fambawapota learned that his best friend, who is also his coworker, had moved in with his estranged wife.

The police officer went to confront his wife and allegedly beat her up over the relationship with his best friend.

The man was angered further when his wife filed for child support despite living with his best friend. Fambawapota is accused of attacking the two lovers.

He was arrested and charged with assault, and was summoned to appear in court, but he committed suicide.

His father, Simon Fambabwapota of Manicaland,said that his son was found hanging in his rented apartment.