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Restaurant refuses to accept cash held under women’s bras because the money is soaked in their sweat

By Mason White 6:07 PM October 25, 2015
Sign at the Fascine Coffee Lounge 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A restaurant in Australia, announced that it will no longer accept cash held under women’s bras because they are smelly and soaked in sweat.

The Fascine Coffee Lounge of Carnarvon, posted a sign on their display window, notifying customers that they will no longer accept cash that was kept in underwear due to safety concerns.

Robin Weeks, the owner of Fascine Coffee Lounge, said that his son was serving a customer who pulled out his cash from his underpants.

Weeks’ son refused to accept the cash, saying that people should not put money there and he should not have to touch it.

Weeks said that many women think their bras are the best place to keep money.

Since restaurant workers touch food all the time, it does not make sense for them to touch smelly and sweaty cash while handling food.

Weeks and his son revealed that their new rule was accepted by customers and other restaurants in the area implemented it as well.

The temperature in Carnarvon, can reach as high as 115 degrees during the summer months.