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57 adults strip naked for roller coaster ride to raise money for charity

By Mason White 3:29 PM October 26, 2015
Rollercoaster illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
More than 50 adults in the United Kingdom, ignored the cold temperatures and removed their clothes for a roller coaster ride.

57 men and women removed all of their clothes for the nude roller coaster ride for charity. They managed to collect more than $15,000 for the Southend Hospital Charitable Foundation’s Keyhole Cancer Appeal.

The nude roller coaster ride took place at Adventure Island in Southend. Photos of the nude ride were posted to the Internet.

However, they failed to reach their second goal as they attempted a new Guinness World Record. The group fell short of a world record.

However, the park, Adventure Island, still holds the world record, which was set five years ago, when 102 fundraisers rode the Green Scream and raised over $30,000 for Southend hospital’s Bosom Pals Appeal.

Despite not reaching their goal to break the world record, Adventure Island Operations Director Andrew Renton said that all participants had a lot of fun, and they had a chance to do something memorable and raise a large amount of money for a fantastic charity.