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College exchange students become close friends after people mistake them for twins

By Mason White 3:34 PM October 26, 2015
Ciara Murphy and Cordelia Roberts 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) Two women from different countries became very close friends after many people thought they were twins.

Ciara Murphy and Cordelia Roberts were both studying at a University in Germany, when they were repeatedly asked if they had a sister on campus.

The two decided to meet each other to see why people thought that they were sisters and when they met, they were surprised at their resemblance.

Roberts of England, said that she did not know anyone on campus. “I was alone in another country for the first time, it was pretty scary,” she said.

Ciara Murphy of Ireland, said that she too was scared. “I came over here and I was totally alone in the airport. I had no clue where I was going. I went to security alone. I was crying and it was awful. Then when I came here it became better,” Murphy said.

When they were on campus in Bremen and fellow students kept asking it they had a sister, the women meet and learned they indeed look the similar.

They formed a close bond and are now referred to as “The Twins” on campus. The twins took selfies and posted them on social media sites, where they quickly went viral.