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Couple loses home of 44 years because neighbor wants to swim in the nude

By Mason White 4:19 PM October 26, 2015
Berta and Anton Kreilinger 

By: Chan Yuan
A couple is devastated after they were ordered to demolish their home.

Berta and Anton Kreilinger of Austria, received a demolition notice from the council, ordering them to demolish the house in which they have lived since 1971.

Berta, 70, and Anton, 74, were ordered to do so within 4 months, as it violates city planning laws. The city claimed that their house is too close to the neighbor’s property.

The couple believes that their neighbor is behind this because the notice arrived after they had a fight with her.

The Kreilingers said that their neighbor likes to swim in the nude so she allowed the grass between the two homes to be overgrown for privacy.

However, since it was blocking the sunlight of the Kreilinger home, they decided to cut it. This allegedly angered their neighbor.

The couple admitted that they received planning permission for the house in 1968, but then, in agreement with their former neighbors, the original plans were changed without a new permit application.

In 2005, construction experts noted that the distance between the couple’s home and the neighboring property is only two meters rather than the three meters, which is required.

The house also has a roof, which measures 26.8 meters, not the 15 meters, which was originally required.