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Frozen chunk of human waste falls from airplane and smashes into elderly couple’s home

By Mason White 3:01 AM October 27, 2015
The frozen human waste and damaged roof 

By: Wayne Morin
An elderly couple in the United Kingdom, is lucky to be alive after a large chunk of frozen human waste crashed into their home, ripping a hole through the ceiling.

Keith and Ruth Mead of Melksham, believe that the frozen chunk of human waste was dropped by a commercial airplane that flew over their neighborhood.

Keith, 70, said that he heard a loud noise that sounded like a car crash. He ran outside, and saw the strange-looking piece of ice lying on the ground.

He picked it up, but quickly threw the ice back down as he noticed that it looked like frozen urine and feces. He looked up towards his roof and saw a gaping hole.

At the time of the incident, Ruth, 67, was in the attic. If the ice would have hit her head, she could have died, Keith said. Keith placed the ice in his freezer in order to have evidence for his insurance claim as it caused damage to his property.

Keith believes that to repair the roof will cost about $1,500.

The Civil Aviation Authority released a statement, saying that such an incident is not unheard of. Each year, about 25 complaints are filed about falling ice from airplanes.