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Half of baby’s face gets fake tan after mother breastfeeds her before spray dried

By Mason White 10:03 AM October 26, 2015
Gemma Colley and her baby boy 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A mother in the United Kingdom, was shocked by strangers calling her the worst mom ever after her baby accidentally got a fake tan on half of his face.

Gemma Colley of Leeds, published a photo of her baby, whose face was covered with a fake tan.

The photo shows the baby with a tan circle around the mouth after breastfeeding before Colley’s spray had a chance to dry.

Colley published the picture on Facebook, where it went viral and received thousands of likes and shares. Colley wrote that she was accused of giving her baby cancer and called the worst mother in the world.

Colley defended her right to take some time off from parenting to take care of herself. Colley cannot understand why some people call her selfish for getting a spray tan.

Colley said that she received many positive comments.

Colley admitted that she is not perfect.

“About two weeks ago, I made an epic fail. To cut a long story short, I had a spray tan, and about four hours later, I breastfed my son,” Colley wrote.

“The result was a little man with a five o’clock shadow, and a very guilty mommy. After seeing the funny side, I decided to post a picture of my little man on my personal Facebook page,” Colley also said.