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Parents duct tape young children and force them to watch movie about mean mother

By Mason White 5:27 PM October 27, 2015
Mary Lucas and Glenn Oliver 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) The parents of two young children were arrested on a charge of child abuse after allegedly duct taping their young children and forcing them to watch a movie about an evil mother, police in Nebraska said.

Otoe County police said that they have arrested 28-year-old Mary Lucas and 29-year-old Glenn Oliver, after being accused of duct taping their 5 and 6-year-old children to chairs and forcing them to watch the movie Mommie Dearest.

The parents were charged with child abuse and false imprisonment. They were booked into the Otoe County jail, and bail was set at $10,000 each.

According to the police investigation, Oliver duct taped his children to chairs and forced them to watch Mommie Dearest as a form of punishment.

Lucas was home at the time of the incident and agreed to the punishment because the children called her a mean mother.

Lucas told officers that her mother also forced her to watch the movie when she was 4 years old. Police learned about the incident when a concerned neighbor gave them a photo, showing the kids bound with duct tape.