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Woman locked up in all male prison because her passport lists her as man

By Mason White 5:28 PM October 27, 2015
Tara Hudson 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman in the United Kingdom, freaked out after a judge ordered her to serve 12 weeks in prison in an all male facility after being convicted of assault.

26-year-old Tara Hudson of Bath, was arrested on a charge of assault after getting into an altercation at a bar.

The Bath Magistrate’s Court sent the woman to an all male prison because Hudson’s passport lists her as a male.

The mother of Hudson, 48-year-old Jackie Brooklyn, said that her daughter was born as Aaron, but lived as a woman her entire adult life.

She underwent reconstructive surgery and has been taking hormones for many years. Hudson works as a makeup artist.

Brooklyn appealed to officials to transfer her daughter to an all female prison, fearing that the male prisoners will target Hudson because she is a beautiful woman.

Brooklyn admits that her daughter has not yet removed her male private parts despite growing very large breasts. Hudson is currently serving her sentence in Bristol, where 600 young men are locked up.