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Father builds custom made 3D ‘Lego man’ urn for son who died after falling from barn

By Mason White 6:06 PM October 28, 2015
David Indra and the urn 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A family came up with a unique way to honor their son who died after falling from a barn.

Nick Indra of Oregon, decided to honor his son by making his favorite toy into an urn. Indra bought a 3-D printer and with a little help from a friend, he created a Lego man urn.

Indra’s son Daniel, died last year after a terrible accident. The boy was helping a family member in a barn and fell about 20 feet, Indra said.

8-year-old Daniel, never recovered from his injury after the fall from the barn near Monmouth. Indra and his wife decided to cremate their son.

The couple searched for an urn that would be appropriate for a child, but they could not find anything. They decided to make one themselves out of Lego because their son loved to play with the toy.

Now, Indra and his friend started a company called Fenix 3D to create customized urns using his 3D printer to help others make unique urns for their loved ones.