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Teacher arrested for stealing drugs from colleagues at school

By Mason White 4:55 PM October 28, 2015
Catherine Mae Ferraro 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A teacher was arrested for stealing drugs from her coworkers at school.

The fifth grade teacher of Florida, stole prescription drugs from two teachers, The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office said.

According to the arrest report, two teachers at the Explorer K-8 school reported that several items, including drugs, were missing from their handbags.

One teacher reported that 10 Alprazolam prescription pills were missing from her handbag, which had been locked in her classroom while the classroom was empty, according to police.

Another teacher reported that numerous articles, including several medications, were missing from her purse, which had been stored in her classroom.

Deputies arrested the 5th grade teacher, who was identified as 42-year-old Catherine Mae Ferraro, after she admitted to the theft.

Ferraro told police that some of the stolen pills were still in her truck that was parked in the school’s parking lot.

Ferraro arrested and charged with grand theft and possession of a controlled substance. Her bond was set at $6,000.