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Rich man rescued after being kidnapped and held on $9 million ransom demand for 38 days

By Mason White 3:14 PM October 29, 2015
Wong Yuk-kwan 

By: Wayne Morin
A rich man of Hong Kong, was kidnapped while he was in Taiwan.

Police in Taiwan, rescued the tycoon who was kidnapped and held hostage in a small hut for over a month.

The kidnappers beat him and demanded $9 million in ransom for his release. The man did not pay the ransom, and was found by police after being kept hostage for 38 days.

The victim was identified as Wong Yuk-kwan. He is the chairman of Hong Kong-based Pearl Oriental Oil Ltd. Police said that Yuk-kwan was kidnapped by two men who forced him into a car that was waiting in Taipei.

Video of the dramatic release shows Yuk-kwan sitting in his underwear and curled up inside the hut. Yuk-kwan looked scared and he had bruises to his face and legs.

Two people who were with Yuk-kwan in the hut, were seen lying on the floor in handcuffs.

After being rescued, Yuk-kwan allegedly told police that he did not expect to get out alive.

Police arrested fifteen people who are believed to be involved in the abduction. Police tracked down the men after they sent emails to Yuk-kwan’s office in Hong Kong, demanding the ransom.

Yuk-kwan said that he plans to immediately resume his role as chairman of the company.