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Police pull over speeding hearse and find $156,000 of caviar being smuggled in casket

By Mason White 10:21 AM October 30, 2015
Caviar illustration 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) Police in Russia, released a video of a hearse that was filled with expensive caviar rather than a dead body.

Police pulled over the hearse for speeding and inspected the casket.

Police found 1,100 pounds of caviar hidden in the casket.

The caviar consisted of salt-cured fish-eggs, and it is very expensive. Top quality caviar can sell for about $700 a pound.

The driver said that he was transporting a body to a funeral in Khabarovsk.

However, when officers searched the vehicle, they found dozens of cans of the delicacy. The caviar was hidden in the coffin under wreaths.

Police said that in his windshield, the hearse had a sign that read: “funeral,” and they even had a photo of the person who allegedly died.

The seized shipment is worth over 10 million rubles ($156,000).

Police arrested the driver and an employee of the funeral home, who was also in the hearse. They both denied any knowledge of the illegal caviar, the Russian Interior Ministry said in a statement.

Fishing for Sturgeon, which is traditionally associated with caviar, is banned in the country in an attempt to stop its decline in population.