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Woman dumps husband after he injected Vaseline in private parts to make it bigger while he was in prison

By Mason White 12:59 PM October 30, 2015
Alexandar Djelic 

By: Feng Qian
A man said that his life was ruined after he took advice from prison inmates on how to enlarge his private parts.

46-year-old Alexandar Djelic of Serbia, was sentenced to serve seven years in prison for robbery. His loyal wife waited patiently for him to return home.

However, when he did come home, she dumped him after seeing the damage he has done to his private parts while in prison.

Djelic said that when he met another inmate who claimed to be a plastic surgeon, he asked him for advice on how to enlarge his manhood.

“He suggested that I inject Vaseline into my manhood and this would make it much bigger,” Djelic said. Following the “doctor’s” advice, he arranged for medical equipment to be smuggled into the jail.

He then used the equipment to pump Vaseline into his private parts. He managed to put 80 grams of Vaseline inside himself over a period of 4 days.

Djelic said that his genitals swelled and he was in terrible pain before he was taken to a hospital. Doctors had to cut the outer part of his private parts so that he could urinate.

He was fitted with a catheter, but it became infected. “I survived the horror,” he said. However, when he was finally freed from prison, his wife left him because of his injuries.

He has already had several operations to try to repair the damage, but to no avail. “My genitals are rotting. My body is falling apart, and my wife left me because she could not deal with the horror, and no one can help me,” Djelic said.