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New restaurant serves insects with all your dishes

By Mason White 7:14 PM October 31, 2015
Dishes topped with bugs 

By: Mahesh Sarin
People in the United Kingdom, who love to consume insects, can now visit a new restaurant that promises to serve delicious bugs with all its dishes.

The country’s first insect restaurant that opened in Pembrokeshire, named itself Grub Kitchen.

The chef, Andy Holcroft, is confident that diners will love their plates full of bugs.

Holcroft said that he likes to do different things with food and wants to spark conversation about his menu. Holcroft is a passionate advocate of entomophagy.

Entomophagy are people with an interest in eating bugs.

At least two billion people worldwide eat insects, according to recent surveys by the United Nations. Most people eat insects for their high protein content.

The restaurant also serves cookies and ice cream topped with bugs.