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2 women stripped naked in public for stealing from wine store

By Mason White 3:17 AM November 2, 2015
Wine store illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
Two women in Nigeria, who were caught stealing cash from a store, were forced to remove all their clothes and walk naked on the street as punishment.

The incident unfolded at a wine shop in Abuja, after the two women were caught stealing N100,000 ($502) from the cash register.

On Monday, the two women, who were not identified, entered the wine store and asked the owner about different bottles of alcoholic beverages.

When one of the women thought that the owner was distracted, she went behind the counter and took the cash from the register.

However, the owner, who was not identified, realized that the woman took his cash and placed it in her bag. He began to scream and neighboring business owners came to the scene.

The angry crowd then forced the women to strip naked and paraded them on the street as a form of punishment.