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Lonely people can now rent a mother

By Mason White 3:20 AM November 2, 2015
Nina Keneally 

By: Wayne Morin
People who are in need of a mother, can now rent one on a new website based in New York.

Nina Keneally of Brooklyn, claims to have 30 years of experience being a mother.

Keneally wrote on her website that she is a good listener and dispenses advice judiciously. Keneally is a Tony-winning theater producer, and was an assistant stage manager and producer.

She has worked for the state of Pennsylvania, and was a restaurant waitress.

Keneally cooks dinner most nights, and attended Little League games, soccer practice, karate lessons, helped with homework, planned birthday parties, went to concerts and art shows, made Halloween costumes, dispensed medication and advice, went to court, visited rehab and picked up children from police stations.

Keneally promises never to question her customer’s lifestyle choices or be judgmental about hair, wardrobe, friends or vegan diet.

For the right price, she will listen to you over a cup of coffee, hot chocolate or wine.

She will also review your resume, edit documents, iron your shirt for a big interview, watch a movie with you when you just don’t want to be alone and even send you birthday presents.

Keneally already has a few customers, and she charges around $40 per hour.