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Man jailed for grinding woman at bar and leaving her with nightmares

By Mason White 3:59 PM November 2, 2015
Nightcub illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A man was jailed after grinding a woman at a bar, causing her to have nightmares.

20-year-old Joshua Anderson was jailed and ordered to pay compensation to the woman for doing “thrusting moves” against her on a dance floor.

The woman filed a complaint with police after she suffered sleepless nights, nightmares and saw the face of the man who did this to her, the Nottingham Magistrate’s Court heard.

The incident allegedly left the woman nervous to be alone with men and she began been taking antidepressants.

Prosecutor Daniel Paulson said that Anderson, came up behind the woman on the dance floor and started doing “thrusting moves” on her.

Anderson of Gedling, Nottingham, denied having any sexual contact with the woman. However, he was found guilty after a trial.

He was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison, which was suspended for one year, and he was ordered to pay £780 ($1,200) in fines.
Anderson, who works as an elevator engineer, was also put on the Sex Offenders’ Register for seven years.

District Judge Leo Pyle said that his actions had a negative effect on the woman and that is a fact that cannot be overlooked.

Defense attorney Christine Luckock said that her client maintains his innocence and they will appeal the verdict.