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Women who worked 20 minutes to break store safe leave cash behind

By Mason White 6:01 PM November 2, 2015
Safe illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) Surveillance video of a store in California, captured a bizarre burglary.

Several women went to the True Value Hardware store in Palo Cedro. Owner Cheryl Porto said that about an hour before closing time, the three women entered the store and one of them had a toddler.

One of the women immediately began speaking to a store clerk and asked him about different products. While she was doing so, the other women went upstairs to the office.

They attempted to force open the safe. After 20 minute, the women went down to the store, grabbed a crowbar and broke open the safe.

The women took a bag of cash from the safe. However, they did not steal the money, they returned it to the safe.

Porto, who owned the hardware store for 12 years, was left bewildered about the motive of the women.

The women also looked through the owner’s wallet, but they did not take anything.

Porto said that the suspects even returned the crowbar to its place on the shelf before they left the store without anything.
Police were called to the scene, but since the women did not commit a crime, the police refused to do anything.

However, Porto decided to share the video so that other store owners can watch out for these women.