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Female politician kicks boy in the face because he begged her for some change

By Mason White 3:20 AM November 4, 2015
Boy being kicked in the face 

By: Chan Yuan
A female politician in India, is being criticized after she was seen kicking a young boy in the face because he asked her for a small donations.

According to witnesses at the scene, Minister Kusum Mahdele was walking to her car on Sunday, when the young boy fell on his knees and begged her for some change.

In response, Mahdele used her right foot to kick the boy in the face. After being kicked in the face, the security detail of Mahdele, grabbed the boy and removed him from the scene.

The incident was recorded on video and it was uploaded to the Internet, sparking outrage. Despite being recorded on video, Mahdele denied the incident.

The video has gone viral on social networks, sparking calls for her dismissal. So far, police refuse to file a charge of assault.