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Man gets trapped high up on tree after his car got flooded and nearly tipped over

By Mason White 6:15 PM November 3, 2015
Car submerged in water illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A man released a video of himself sitting high up on a tree after his car got flooded.

The man of Texas, was trapped 20 feet above flood waters in a tree. Kerry Packer was in Austin, when he got stuck on a road due to flooding.

He sent his wife a video, showing his car being filled with water and floating down a stream. He called police, and he was told to open the windows of his car and stay inside.

However, after the car nearly flipped over to the side, he knew that he has to get out and run to safety. With nowhere to go, Packer climbed a tree and sat there until it was safe to get down.

He recorded himself sitting 20 feet up a tree with water covering the entire street.

Packer said: “I did the Boy Scouts for many years so and I know how to keep my energy and stay warm, so I’m doing fine.”

He also liked to climb trees as a boy, which came in handy in time of need. Packer was finally rescued from the tree by a helicopter.