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Doctor pours boiling water on 16-year-old boy because he left her door open

By Mason White 4:47 AM November 5, 2015
Jane-Glad Ugba and Nwanga Chidiebere 

By: Wayne Morin
A doctor was arrested on a charge of assault for allegedly pouring boiling water on a 16-year-old boy because he left her door open, police in Nigeria said.

Abakaliki police said that they have arrested Jane-Glad Ugba, a doctor at the Federal Teaching Hospital, after being accused of burning Nwanga Chidiebere.

According to the police investigation, Chidiebere lives at the doctor’s home and works as a maid. On the day of the incident, Ugba found the door to her home wide open.

When she confronted Chidiebere, he said that her oldest son just left the home and left the door open. However, Ugba did not believe him and yelled at him.

As a form of punishment, Ugba took a hot pot of water and poured it over the boy. The boy ran out of the house and went to a nearby church, where he stayed overnight.

In the morning, a police officer noticed the burns on the child and took him to a nearby hospital. The boy told doctors what Ugba did to her and they filed a complaint with the police.

Ugba was arrested and charged with one count of assault.