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Shopping center opens parking lot for dogs

By Mason White 4:48 AM November 5, 2015
Bayfair Shopping Centre dog parking lot 

By: Chan Yuan
Dog lovers are delighted to hear that a shopping center in New Zealand, opened a parking lot for pets.

The largest shopping center in The Western Bay of Plenty, Bayfair Shopping Centre, opened the dog parking lot, which provides its customers’ pets with shade and toys while their owners shop.

Bayfair Shopping Centre marketing manager Kylie McGregor, said that the facility had been very popular since it was opened last week.

There are collars with keys so that the dogs can be locked to prevent theft. The parking lot is also under constant surveillance and is in a high traffic area.

The dog park is located in the courtyard between the car parking lot and the Westpac, Kiwibank and Post Shop stores.

“There is no need to leave man’s best friend in your vehicle while you shop. You can park them in fresh air with shade and water,” the Bayfair Shopping Centre said in a statement.