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Woman blows $20,000 college student loan on breast implants

By Mason White 7:43 PM November 4, 2015
Catherine Byrne 

By: Feng Qian
A woman in the United Kingdom, boasted how she spent her college student loan on cosmetic surgery rather than paying for tuition and books.

29-year-old Catherine Byrne of Essex, said that when she was 22 years old, she applied at the University of East London, but she had no intention of taking any classes or graduating.

Instead, she used her acceptance letter to apply for a student loan. When the money hit her bank, she had a breast enlargement procedure done.

She said that getting larger breasts did her more good than having a college degree as most graduates have a hard time finding work.

She said that she uses her great looks to secure modeling jobs, but she admitted to earning less than $25,000 per year. After failing her first year in college, she applied again and was approved.

Byrne then applied for another student loan, and used the money for more cosmetic surgery, including Botox and fillers.

Byrne said that she does not consider herself as a thief despite having no intention of repaying the loan because the money doesn’t belong to anyone.