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Bus driver caught on camera having sex on school bus with prostitute in broad daylight

By Mason White 2:40 PM November 5, 2015
Bus illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A bus driver was caught red-handed, having sex with a young woman on his bus.

A mother who witnessed the incident, said that she is fed up with the crimes that are being committed on her street and therefore, she decided to report the bus driver for having sex.

The school bus driver of Milwaukee, was fired after he was caught on camera having sex on board the vehicle while off duty.

The disturbing incident took place in broad daylight in an area that has been known as a center for prostitution and drugs.

A neighbor said that she saw the Riteway school bus pulling up in front of her house. The vehicle was empty at the time, except for the driver and the young woman.

A few minutes later, the resident saw the woman pulling down her pants and the man unbuckling his belt, which caused her to grab her cellphone and start recording the illicit encounter.
The video shows the couple engaging in sexual activity in the middle of the bus, which is used to transport children to school.

When the bus driver spotted the person recording the incriminating video, he got back into the driver’s seat and drove off with the young woman.

The concerned citizen contacted Riteway, the school bus operator, about the incident.

In response, the company issued a statement, saying that the driver in question “was not on assignment from the company, and he used the vehicle without permission.”

The bus driver was immediately fired. Milwaukee police said they have launched their own investigation into the incident.

They said that the target of their investigation is to determine whether the driver’s sexual partner was a prostitute, and if she was above the age of consent.

Police said that they had been working to shut down the drug and prostitution houses. They believe that their effort might have led to the bus driver being forced to use his vehicle for illegal activities.