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Woman discovers her estranged husband’s secret family living in her garage

By Mason White 11:19 AM November 5, 2015
The garage where the family lived 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A woman was shocked to learn that her husband was living a double life and he had 2 families.

The man of Italy, hid his second wife and three children in a garage under the home of his first wife, who had no idea that her partner was a bigamist.

Police in Lombardy, made the discovery on Saturday afternoon, when they found a 33-year-old woman with her three children, who are three, seven and 9 years old.

The family lived in a cluttered fifteen square meter garage of a council house in Monza. The man and both of his wives are originally from Egypt.

The discovery was made after his first wife, who is 47 years old, with whom he has three children aged between three and 10 years old, called the police for an entirely different matter.

In fact, the 50-year-old man’s first wife had no idea that he had a second family or that anyone lived in her garage. The woman called the police because she saw her estranged husband on her property.

She had a restraining order placed against him last year, for abusing her and her children. The man walked around outside her house and she thought he was stalking her.

However, when the police came, he informed them that he was not there to disturb his first wife, but to see another family. He then led police to the garage, where the family had been sleeping on old blankets scattered on the floor.

Despite their miserable conditions, police said that the woman and her children were not held captive and they were “free to come and go as they pleased.”

The mother and her three children were taken to a hospital, and were said to be in good health.

The man was taken into custody for breaking the terms of his restraining order. He is also facing charges of bigamy.

Police are still investigating the unusual set of circumstances that led to the second family living in the garage of the man’s estranged wife. Police said that the family had been living in the garage “for at least a few weeks.”