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Woman rips off and breaks man’s prosthetic leg during an argument in a bar

By Mason White 2:38 PM November 5, 2015
Donna Hastings 

By: Feng Qian
A woman was arrested for ripping off a man’s prosthetic leg during an argument in a bar.

Police in Tennessee, were called to Dan McGuiness Sports Bar and arrested 53-year-old Donna Hastings of Bartlett, after she got into a fight with the man at the bar and stole his prosthetic leg.

The victim had done roof work for Hastings, and when they met at the bar, Hastings began arguing with him over the payments.

When the victim refused to discuss the issue at the bar, Hastings grabbed his prosthetic leg, twisted it off his leg and broke it.

The victim then lost his balance and fell off his bar stool, causing him hip injuries.

Police said that Hastings took the prosthetic leg and tried to leave the bar, but several people stopped her. She then threw the leg down and left.

The victim’s doctor said that the damage to the prosthetic leg could not be repaired. It will cost $2,700 to replace.

Hastings was arrested on charges of robbery and two counts of vandalism. Hastings’s attorney, Leslie Ballin, said that she is looking forward to defend her client in court.

She claims that the victim owes her client more than $4,000 for roofing work, which he never completed. Hastings was freed after posting $7,500 bond.