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Young man dies after cutting off his tongue as sacrifice to idol

By Mason White 6:51 PM November 5, 2015
Man sticking out his tongue illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A young man died after mutilating his tongue as a sacrifice to his idol, police in India said.

Madhya Pradesh police said that 25-year-old Deepak Kol, lost a large amount of blood as a result of cutting off his tongue as a sacrifice for Goddess Durga on Wednesday morning.

According to the police investigation, friends and neighbors who watched Kol cutting off his tongue on Wednesday, did not intervene out of fear of their idol.

After Kol did not wake up on Thursday, they called the police to report the incident. Kol was rushed to a nearby hospital, but he was declared dead on arrival.

Doctors believe that Kol, who worked as a farmer, died of blood loss. Police are investigating if Kol was encouraged to cut off his tongue as a sacrifice.

So far, no arrests have been made.