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Grandmother cuts up $1.1 million in cash because she didn’t want to leave her family any inheritance

By Mason White 12:46 PM November 6, 2015
Cash illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
An elderly woman in Australia, who didn’t want to leave her family any inheritance, decided to shred her cash and destroy the documents of her bank accounts.

The 85-year-old woman, who was not identified, destroyed nearly 950,000 euros ($1.1 million) in an apparent attempt to stop her family from inheriting her fortune.

The grandmother also cut her savings accounts books before her death in a retirement home. The cut bank documents and money were discovered after the woman’s death on her bed.

The woman’s family filed a criminal complaint of property damage, but prosecutors said that no charges can be filed as the woman had no obligation to leave money to her family.

A spokesperson for the National Bank of Australia, said that if the family can turn in the shredded cash, it might be replaced.