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Prison inmates use friendly mouse to transport drugs between wings

By Mason White 12:45 PM November 6, 2015
mouse illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Some prisoners in Brazil, came up with a unique way to use a mouse that was found in prison.

Prison guards have caught the mouse that prisoners used as a drug courier to take cocaine and cannabis from one inmate to the other

The animal was trained to move between wings with the narcotics attached to a piece of rope, which was tied to its tail.

Warders at the Barra da Grota Prison in Araguaina, made the surprising discovery last Friday. The mouse is believed to have transported around 30 packets of cannabis.

They are now examining the surveillance cameras.

A prison guard said: “We thought we had seen everything, but this is definitely new. The mouse seemed to be well cared for in the prison as it likes to be around people and be stoked.”

Prison guards uploaded a video, showing a rope attached its tail. The mouse was discovered when the guards saw it crawling with the string attached to its tail.

They followed it and watched it crawl to the next wing. Once the animal reached the intended prison, an inmate would remove the rope.

Guards were surprised to see that the animal was domesticated. They will now investigate as to which inmate cared for the animal.