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Teenager and 2 friends kidnap grandmother and throw her in trunk of car while joyriding

By Mason White 12:47 PM November 6, 2015
Dylan Martin and Billy Joseph Underwood 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) Three teenagers were arrested after kidnapping an elderly woman and taking her car for a joyride.

The three teenagers of Washington, were accused of kidnapping the 86-year-old woman and stuffing her in the trunk of her car.

16-year-old Dylan Martin took 15-year-old Billy Joseph Underwood and Underwood’s 14-year-old girlfriend to his great grandmother’s home to abduct her.

Hazel Abel was abducted around 8:00 p.m., from her home in Kennewick.

Court documents show that Abel went to answer a knock on her door. When she opened it, the teenagers threw dirt in her face, eyes and mouth. They then pushed her to the ground, tied her hands together, stuffed something in her mouth and covered her head with a hood.

The teens then walked the terrified woman to her garage and placed her in the trunk of her car.

The teens then drove for hours with the woman in the trunk. The teenagers were on their way to Portland, Oregon, when they stopped at Walmart.

When the car stopped, Abel managed to untied her hands and pulled a cord that opened the trunk.

She got out and screamed for help. A Walmart employee came to her aid and the teenagers were arrested. Martin allegedly told investigators that he stole $60 from his great grandmother.

The two males will face charges as adults while the 14-year-old girl face a juvenile court judge.

The boys are facing charges of kidnapping, theft, unauthorized use of a vehicle and recklessly endangering.