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Heartbroken parents found dead near body of their 9-year-old son who died of cancer

By Mason White 11:33 AM November 8, 2015
Vanghel and Nicholas Arava with their son 

By: Feng Qian
A couple was found dead in an apparent suicide after their young son died.

The bodies of the couple, were found with their son after he died of a brain tumor.

Vanghel and Nicholas Arava of Romania, were so distraught over the death of their 9-year-old son, Cristian Dimitris Arava, that they committed suicide, police in Constanta said.

The couple, who were both 46 years old, were discovered by neighbors along with the child’s body in their apartment. Investigators found letters in which the parents wrote about their heartbreak after learning that their son was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

In one letter written by the child’s mother seven years ago, she wrote: “I cannot express the pain that we feel after learning the terrible news about our son. He was only two years old.”

“I felt like I was dying when I heard the diagnosis,” she allegedly wrote in another letter.

She also wrote: “Our only hope that Cristian is a lucky child and the tumor will stop growing is now shattered. The thought that every moment could be fatal, drives me crazy.”

Prosecutor Sadic Zafer said that the crime scene evidence shows that Vanghel hanged herself first. Her body was found next to her son and was covered with a blanket while her husband Nicholas was found hanging in the kitchen.