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Woman arrested for harassing neighbor after posting photos of dog with mouth tied shut and wearing a diaper

By Mason White 11:28 AM November 8, 2015
Photos of the dog 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A woman is protesting after she was arrested for posting photos on the Internet, showing the abuse of her neighbor’s dog.

Amber Cammack of Houston, Texas, was concerned over the welfare of her neighbor’s dog when she saw its mouth tied shut on the balcony.

Cammack said that she called the police and other government agencies to report the animal abuse, but they did nothing. Cammack said that the dog was left on the balcony around the clock, even during rain storms.

She then posted photos on Facebook, showing the dog with a rubberband around its nose and wearing a diaper in confinement on the balcony of its owner’s home.

Several days after making the call, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office called and warned her to stop harassing the dog’s owners and demanded that she remove the Facebook posts or face arrest.

When Cammack did not remove the posts, officers arrived at her home with an arrest warrant. She was charged with electronic harassment and was held for 14 hours in prison.

She was released after prosecutors dropped all charges against her. Cammack and her supporters protested her arrest and Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson’s decision not to pursue animal cruelty charges against the dog owner despite the proof.

Anderson posted a video of her Facebook page, saying that ASPCA has seen the dog on two occasions and they referred the dog to a veterinarian. It was determined that the dog was not being abused.

However, many people who are advocating for animals in Texas, posted comments about their horrific experiences with government officials covering up animal abuse. People are also demanding that the prosecutor should release the ASPCA reports.

Laurie Gaston-Marshall wrote: “I have been advocating for animals for years. I am never taken seriously by police. Often treated rudely. Explain her arrest?”

Brenda E Heredia wrote: “You guys are great at covering up your tracks! Show the evidence we are all asking for!”