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Baby bites and kills poisonous snake while playing in backyard

By Mason White 2:37 PM November 9, 2015
Jaine Ferreira and Lorenzo 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A 1-year-old boy was rushed to a hospital after his mother found him with a poisonous snake on his mouth, doctors in Brazil said.

Jaine Ferreira of Mostardas, said that her 17-month-old son Lorenzo, was playing in the backyard of her home when the incident unfolded.

Lorenzo was quiet for a while, and his worried mother went outside to check up on him. As soon as she stepped outside, she was horrified to find a snake wiggling in her son’s mouth.

She immediately to her son to the hospital due to fears that he might have been bitten by the snake. Doctors who examined the child, could not find any injury or poisoning symptoms.

They concluded that the boy was in good health. Doctors determined that Lorenzo bit the poisonous snake and killed it.

The child had blood in his mouth and hands, and acted as if the snake was a toy, refusing to let it go. Doctors forced the child’s mouth and hands open to remove the snake.

The snake has been identified as an Amazonian viper, which is one of the most poisonous snakes in the country.