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Casino refuses to pay woman $8 million despite hitting the jackpot

By Mason White 3:51 AM November 10, 2015
Veronica Castillo 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A woman of Oregon, is angry after a casino in Washington, gave her just $80 despite winning $8 million while gambling on a slot machine.

Veronica Castillo said that the Lucky Eagle Casino, told them that the machine malfunctioned, and therefore, she really didn’t win anything.

The casino gave her $80 as compensation. The incident unfolded as Castillo took her mother to the casino in Rochester.

She put $100 in a machine and hit the jackpot. She was very excited until the casino staff came over and told her that the machine malfunctioned.

They closed the machine, took it away, and gave her $80.

Casino CEO John Setterstrom said that such an incident never happened before. He contacted the manufacturer to investigate the matter.