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Dog falls overboard and swims for hours before being rescued by sailors

By Mason White 5:53 PM November 9, 2015
The puppy before being rescued 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A group of sailors have uploaded a heartwarming video on the Internet, showing the rescue of a small dog.

The Labrador puppy fell overboard a ferry off the coast of Italy, and swam for a long time before it was rescued by sailors.

Members of the Sailing Club of Savoy, were out at sea two miles from the port of Naples, when they spotted the white puppy swimming in an attempt to get to dry land.

The sailors were determined to get the dog to safety. They worked fast to get to the animal until they finally managed to get it on board.

The sailors hugged the puppy and then covered it with a blanket to keep it warm.

When they returned to the port, they discovered that earlier that day, the puppy whose name is Noodles, had been reported to have fallen overboard during a ferry trip from Naples to Ischia.

The puppy’s owner, Mario Di Meglio, said that he was in the process of taking his new pet home when it slipped and fell overboard.

He immediately alerted the crew of the ferry, but they refused to stop, saying that it had probably drowned. However, the brave dog did not give up and swam for many hours before being rescued.

Noodles has since been reunited with Meglio, and is doing well.